I grew up up in a large Catholic family in the 50’s and 60’s.

I attended Catholic school from grade one through grade 12 as did my four sisters and three brothers. We faithfully attended mass, said the rosary as a family most every Friday and were involved in the various church activities. My older brother even spent 4 years in the seminary.

I married in 1972. My wife is a convert, we had 5 children together and they all received most if not all of their education in Catholic schools.

My faith was about fulfilling my duties and being active in parish organizations, Knights of Columbus member of the finance committee and other special projects.

I happily lived most of my adult life this way and most other “good” Catholics I knew did the same thing.

In 2007 the Holy Spirit must have decided my time had come and decided I would need something drastic to happen to get my attention.

In 1993 I had an “Entrepreneurial seizure”, if you have read Michael Gerber of eMyth fame you will know what that is, and decided to start my own business. Not appreciating it at the time I had been mightily blessed by God. My family was mostly healthy and happy and my small start-up grew from zero to 20.0 million in the ensuing 14 years.

Then because of a number of my bad decisions I lost the business in early 2007.

All of a sudden I had uncommitted time and was inspired to become more active in our church community by saying yes to whatever was asked of me and volunteering when not asked. I wound up teaching CCD, attending bible study, going to a life in the spirit seminar becoming member of the PEC, helped start a parish business network and then around 3 years ago at the invitation of Deacon Nick Miesel, joined a small group faith Study called Project Timothy.

The journey with Project Timothy study has brought me to Jesus. I have come to experience and trust in his love and realize his love for me.  It is not simply the material we study but the experience of conversion that is often witnessed at our meetings that has drawn me in.

Once you experience the Holy Spirit moving more actively in your life and the lives of others you will not be the same. And knowing how important this experience can be to our eternal salvation I want to invite as many people as I can to know and experience this treasure that is bought, paid for and offered to us all.